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Gary Farwell Positive Image 8.8.23.jpg
Deb Terry Positive Image 10.12.23.jpg

The Nishna Productions, Inc. Positive Image Award is designed to recognize staff for maintaining positive attitudes and a spirit of teamwork while doing their job. It aims to promote attitudes that create positive environments and allow for personal growth for both staff and persons served. Nominees are submitted quarterly and reviewed by an award committee. One award per county we serve, per quarter is awarded.

Above, left, Gary Farwell (on left), staff in Shenandoah, receives a Positive Image award from supervisor Brenton Croll.  Above, right, Deb Terry, Red Oak townie staff, receives a Positive Image award. We are lucky to have dedicated, enthusiastic staff in direct support and supervisory positions. They are a blessing to those with whom they work! Congrats!

Katie M. Outstanding Performance 1.22.24.jpg

Katie Mattson

Joya M. Outstanding Performance 1.22.24.jpg

Joya McGrew

Carla V. Outstanding Performance 4.17.24.jpg

Carla Volner

The Nishna Productions, Inc. Outstanding Performance Award is designed to recognize staff for extra effort and to encourage all staff to excel in their respective jobs. Nominees are submitted on a quarterly basis and reviewed by an award committee.

We are very pleased to announce that the staff above were awarded the Outstanding Performance Award for going above and beyond! Well done! We are so proud to call you ours!

Staff Anniversaries

The most important asset of Nishna Productions, Inc. is the staff who provide services to consumers. Only the most qualified people are considered for employment. Many of our key staff are long-term employees. 

Emily Martin, 5 years.jpg

Emily Martin, 5 years

Steve Schneider, 5 years.jpg

Steve Schneider, 5 years

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