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Builders of Lives 


Builders of Lives is an on-going designated fund wherein donations can be made at any time.  Projects and/or activities are selected for funding assistance from the Builders of Lives as the need arises.  All projects and/or activities will benefit individuals with disabilities being served by Nishna Productions, Inc.  The Fund’s name is derived from the Nishna Productions Motto:  Builders of Lives.  The agency aims to provide services that build the capacity to live, work, and learn for people with disabilities in the community they choose to live in.   


Funding provided by governmental entities to cover the costs of providing services no longer keeps up with the costs of providing support and assistance to individuals with disabilities.  Thus, donations to the agency allows the agency to cover costs of things not covered by agency funders, as well as projects to enhance the quality of lives of individuals with disabilities. 


By making a decision to take an active role in the success of Builders of Lives, your donation will not only enrich the lives of people with disabilities today, but in years to come. 


Examples of Ways to Donate to Nishna Productions: 


1)A direct donation to the agency into the Builders of Lives Fund. 


2)A donation to the agency’s endowment fund, which gives the donor the opportunity for special tax considerations. 


3)Designate the agency as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. 


4)Make a gift of land.  Deed property to ownership of Nishna Productions, Inc. 


5)Donate through estate planning.   


6)Sell a load of grain and have the proceeds donated to Nishna Productions, Inc. 


7)Provide a needed service to the agency.  Examples might be completing a plumbing repair, doing a small repair job or carpentry work of any type, or pro bono legal or financial consultation.  Offer it as a donation and receive a letter from Nishna Productions, Inc. indicating its value as a contribution and potential eligibility for a tax-deduction. 


Please always check with your tax advisor regarding any consideration of a donation to discuss its eligibility to be tax-deductible. 


Please contact Nishna Productions, Inc. regarding your Tax-Deductible donations: 


Nishna Productions, Inc. 

902 Day Street, PO Box 70 

Shenandoah, IA 51601 

(712) 246-1242