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Red Oak, IA 51566

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210 Broadway Street

Red Oak, Iowa 51566

Phone - 712-623-8014



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Residential services are provided in 21 different sites located in Red Oak, Glenwood, Malvern, Shenandoah, Sidney and Clarinda. Hourly services can be provided in an individual's home and are customized to provide the type and amount of services needed. An hourly individual may receive one or two hours per month or as many as 120 or more, depending on need. There are several different types of services that can be provided in Residential. Supported Community Living is the most common with staff assisting individuals with activities of daily living, including, budgeting, health care, nutrition, safety, and hygiene or any other assistance they may need. Consumer Directed Attendant Care is provided for individuals that are unable to complete chores for themselves due to either physical or mental disabilities. These individuals "direct" staff to complete these chores, such as housekeeping, grocery shopping, budgeting etc. 


For more information regarding Residential Services, please contact Wendy Davies at 712.623.4362 or email Wendy at wdavies@nishna.org 

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West Nishna Road House
Valley Waiver Home
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Malvern Waiver Home
Birch House  Glenwood, IA
Sidney House Sidney, IA
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