These services provide opportunities for individuals we serve to gain vocational skills training, while having the opportunity to earn a wage. Nishna productions, Inc. focuses on providing high quality work and great customer service to our customers, while providing individuals with a variety of vocational opportunities. Work available to individuals includes hand packaging, small parts assembly, can redemption, as well as several agency owned businesses.

For more information regarding Vocational Services,  contact Julie Halsey at 712-246-1242 ext. 314 or email Julie at jhalsey@nishna.org.


NPI Employment Resources helps individuals prepare for, find, and maintain successful employment at a job in the community. Employment in the community is high priority. The agency provides employment-related services, which meet the needs of the job seeker. There are many different services available, such as: Job Seeking Skills Training, Discovery, Career

Exploration, Job Shadows, Workplace Readiness Assessments, Job Development, Customized Employment, Job Coaching, and Follow-Along Support Services. Primary staff are Certified Community Employment Specialists. Job Coaches are certified.

For more information, please contact Julie McQueen, 712-215-1591, or Monica Crouch,



Community Employment in an integrated setting with a competitive wage at or above minimum wage should be offered as the first choice to individuals with disabilities wanting to work. Nishna Productions, Inc. has been a participant in Iowa's Employment First pilot project since it was implemented in October of 2012.


Mission Statement: Students Transitioning to Adult Responsibility & Success

Through services provided in the STARS program, Nishna Productions can assist students in preparing for employment in the community while still in school. The Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act requires high school students with special needs to pursue community  employment as their first option in preparation for life after high school. STARS can offer students pre-employment training and assistance through job readiness skills training, career exploration, job shadows, and paid job try-outs with employers in the community. The goal is paid employment upon graduation from high school. These services are provided under the support and assistance of a Certified Community Employment Specialist. In addition, benefits planning discussions can take place, so that individuals seeking employment know how earned wages might affect their Social Security and Medicaid benefits, if they are receiving such benefits. Once an individual secures employment, job coaching can be provided to assist the individual with orientation and maintenance with their new job. Job coaching services are provided by certified Job Coaches.

For more information on the STARS program, please contact Julie McQueen, 712-215-1591, or Monica Crouch, 712-215-3772.

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