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Community Involvement Creates Meaningful Days

One of the focuses we have here at NPI is to promote community involvement for individuals with disabilities. We support their desire to live in the community of their choice. But this support goes beyond merely providing residential services. To truly “live” in a community, one needs to feel engaged in community activities and connected to community members.

Our staff works hard to offer meaningful days to those we serve. This means supporting people with disabilities to explore their interests and how they are connected to other people through those interests. It is about people with disabilities participating in planning their activities each day. It is self-empowering, learning and developing skills, which helps people realize who they are, what they are capable of, and how they can connect with other people.

Each activity should serve a purpose beyond filling time on a schedule. Purposes can include exploring new interests and hobbies, developing/maintaining skills, exploring new skills or interests, companionship, supporting and increasing independence, or expressing thoughts and feelings.

Connections in the communities we serve are vital to the success of providing meaningful days. We enjoy the relationships we have with service clubs, senior centers, churches, and select businesses. We are always looking for new people and businesses with whom we can interact. We are open to new experiences and appreciate invitations to learn new things.

We have been thrilled with the opportunities that have been suggested by some of our community connections. For example, Taylor Pharmacy sponsored a golf team for our annual tournament, but they asked that some of our individuals golf on the team. The Montgomery County Senior Center hosts monthly activities like crafts or Bingo. The Rotary Clubs in Red Oak, Shenandoah and Glenwood are co-hosting a formal dance in January featuring our individuals. The Wilson Performing Arts Center ensures we have the opportunity to attend shows.

Do you have an opportunity for us to become involved? Can we tour your business? Can we volunteer for your organization? Can we join one of your special events? Contact us at 712-623-4362 x22 or with your ideas.

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