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NPI Code of Conduct and Ethics


Nishna Productions, Inc. staff members make independent judgments on a daily basis that require both practical and ethical reasoning. This Code of Ethics will act as a guide to assist them when making those ethical judgments.


As an employee of NPI, I will promote and practice, fairness, and equity for the people I provide services to and to the community as a whole. I will affirm the human rights and responsibilities of people I support.


 As an Employee of NPI, I will:

a. Communicate only in ways that promote the dignity and respect of the people for whom I provide services.

b. Seek to understand the individuals I support today in regard to their personal history, their social and familynetworks and their hopes and dreams for the future.

c. Uphold the human rights of the people I support.

d. Interact with the people I am supporting in a respectful manner.

e. Recognize and respect the cultural differences (e.g. religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socio-economic class) of the person supported and his/her social network.

f. Ensure that my primary commitment and concern be the welfare of the individuals and families that are receiving services.

g. Devote myself to encouraging the individuals and families that I support, to make their own choices and decisions about the services they get and the way they live their lives.

h. Ensure that the people that I serve are fully informed of the purpose, risks, limitations and cost of the services that I offer, including other available services and other providers that may be able to assist them.

i. Help the people to whom I provide services, to use the opportunities and the resources of the community.

j. Help the individuals I support to understand and express their rights and responsibilities and make informed decisions.

k. Maintain accurate records of the finances of the individuals that I support and billing records that reflect the services that I have provided.

l. Guard the privacy of the people that I serve and protect the confidentiality of the records and information that I handle.

m. Sensibly utilize the resources of the community, agency and individuals I serve. 

n. Manage all resources efficiently and effectively.


Integrity and Responsibility


As NPI employees, we will support the mission of the agency and our profession to assist people in leading self-directed lives and to foster a spirit of partnership with the people we serve, other professionals, and the community


As an employee of NPI, I will:

a. Be conscious of my own values and how they influence my professional decisions.

b. Maintain competency in my profession through learning and ongoing communication with others.

c. Assume responsibility and accountability for my decisions and actions.

d. Actively seek advice and guidance on ethical issues from others as needed when making decisions.

e. Recognize the importance of being a role model to co-workers, persons receiving services, and the community at-large.

f. Practice responsible work habits.

g.Discourage, prevent, report and correct any unethical conduct that I become aware of in my co-workers or myself.

h. Ensure that my personal problems do not unduly influence my professional performance or decision making.

i. Consult with my supervisor if at anytime I feel that I am unable to carry out the responsibilities of my job due to personal difficulties, lack of knowledge, training, or resources.

j. Refrain from any form of sexual conduct with individuals receiving services from the agency, including any actions or comments that might be considered sexual harassment.

k. Advocate for laws, policies, and supports that promote justice and inclusion for people who have been dominated, exploited and discriminated against or have otherwise been disempowered.

l. Safeguard and respect the confidentiality and privacy of the people I support.

m. Seek out a qualified individual who can help me clarify situations where the correct course of action is not clear.

n. Recognize that confidentiality agreements with individuals are subject to state and agency regulations.

o. Recognize that confidentiality agreements with individuals should be broken if there is eminent harm to others or to the person that I support.

p. Seek information directly from those I support regarding their wishes in how, when, and with whom privileged information should be shared.

s.Follow all state and federal rules and regulations to ensure Medicaid compliance. 




As NPI employees, we will know that our greatest asset is the combined knowledge, experience and talents of the people of NPI. We are committed to working together to create a strong organizational base to support the people we serve and the community.


As an Employee of NPI, I will:

a.Interact with my co-workers in a respectful manner.

b. Recognize and respect the cultural differences (e.g. religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socio-economic class, age, mental or physical disability, political belief) of co-workers.

c. Recognize that confidential information shared by or about a co-worker must be respected and protected.

d. Ensure that professional and personal conflicts that arise between co-workers are resolved in a professional manner without exposing individuals receiving services to inappropriate discussions or information regarding the conflict.

e.Ensure that any relationship of a sexual nature between co-workers does not pose a conflict of interest and avoid any sexual relationship with a co-worker over who I have supervisory responsibilities.

f.Immediately report the impairment of a co-worker due to personal problems, substance abuse or mental health concerns to the appropriate supervisory staff member.

g. Train, coach, and develop the skills of co-workers so that all employees are well trained and capable of completing the task of the job.

h. Contribute to the decision making process and to the development and implementation of services.


Quality Services 


As NPI employees, we are committed to providing the highest quality of services possible. We will work to provide services that meet the needs and desires of our customers and meet the quality standards of the agency.


As an employee of NPI, I will:

a.Be dedicated to total customer satisfaction.

b. Strive to do things better.

c. Accept responsibility, provide services and present myself as competent only in the areas that I have education, training, license, certification, or professional experience.

d. Work to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the agency and the services that it offers.

e.Make sure that in situations where my interests conflict with the interests of other people that I am providing services to, that I consult a supervisor, inform the individual of the conflict, and take reasonable steps to resolve the issue.

f. Hold the interests of the people I serve as principal when resolving conflicts of interest.

g. Make reasonable effort to ensure that continuity of services is maintained for the individuals both within the agency and with external agencies. 

h.Ensure that representation of programs, services, and expected outcomes are based on available data and accurate.

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